North County
Football League

Frequently Asked Questions



How much is the Registration Fee this year?

The 2018 Football Registration Fee is $350, sell $100 of raffle tickets and keep the proceeds for total out off pocket of $250.


What is included with the paid Registration Fee?

-    Game jerseygame pants, and helmet decals

-    Participation Award

-    Photo Packet 

The balance of our player’s fees helps pay for ongoing field maintenance, officials’ fees, insurance, utilities, field equipment and advertising.  Our fee only covers the basic operating expenses to put on the fall season. The NCFL relies 100% on Sponsorships and Fund Raising efforts to provide funding for capital improvements and scholarships.


Do I register to play in the Montgomery or Willis league?

Obviously, if your child attends school in either the Montgomery or Willis School Districts, then you will want to register them to play in the corresponding league.  However, if your child attends school in the Conroe, Magnolia, Huntsville or New Waverly School Districts, then you can register your child to play wherever is most convenient for you and your schedule. 


What is the NCFL’s Refund Policy?

There will be a full refund, less a $25 administrative fee, if a player chooses not to play prior to the draft. Refunds after the draft will be at the discretion of the NCFL Executive Board of Directors.

All refund requests’ MUST BE IN WRITING.  To request a refund contact:

NCFL League Treasurer

           P.O. Box 1162

Montgomery, TX 77356


Player Evaluation & Team Selection


What are the age groups for football players?

Players are assigned to one of the following four divisions based on their age as of July 31, 2018.

-       Freshman: 5-6 Years of Age

-       Sophomore: 7-8 Years of Age 

-       Juniors: 9-10 Years of Age

-       Seniors: 11-12 Years of Age


What are the Dates and Times of Registration and Player Evaluations?

Player Evaluations are mandatory for all football players, including Head and Assistant Coach’s sons, to ensure well-balanced teams.  Player Evaluations will be held at West Montgomery Park in Montgomery and Charles Traylor Sports Park in Willis.  Participants may tryout on any of the scheduled dates. Participants only need to tryout once.

2018 Player Evaluation Schedule


What should I bring to the Player Evaluations and how long will they last?

Players are encouraged to wear a T-shirt, shorts, socks, and football cleats. Player Evaluations usually last about an hour.


What happens during the Player Evaluations?

Players will first be registered, weighed, measured and fitted for their game uniform. Each Player will then participate in drills in front of all of the coaches of his respective division. The players will be scored in the drills by coaches from a different age division.  During the evaluation, the players are required to get into a three point stance and “fire out” into a blocking dummy, run a timed 40 yard sprint, run a timed agility test, throw a football to a coach, and tackle a tackling dummy. Additional tests may be implemented.  The evaluating coaches will turn in each player’s evaluation form so that scores may be totaled to rank each player for the official NCFL Draft.  

How is the Draft organized?

The draft for each division will be held on Monday, July 10 and Tuesday, July 11th. All Coaches will draw numbers to determine their position in the draft prior to the beginning of each DRAFT per Division. All teams will be age balanced (each team have the same amount of older and younger players in each age division) to assist with balancing the teams.  The draft will be conducted in a snake format, i.e. 1-2-3-4, 4-3-2-1, then 1-2-3-4, etc.

Trades between teams will be allowed immediately after the draft; Coaches are allowed 15 minutes to negotiate a trade. All trades must be approved by both coaches, the NCFL Draft Coordinator and then reviewed by the NCFL Board of Directors for final approval. Players traded must be equal age, example: Team A trades 7 yr. old and 8 yr. old to Team B for two players of identical age. (Team B trades a 7 yr. old and an 8 yr. old to Team A).


Do teams get any “protected players”?

In the Freshman division, a Head Coach can protect his child, and the child of one Assistant Coach.  In the Sophomore through Senior divisions, a Head Coach can protect his child, plus the children of three Assistant Coaches.


Who are the coaches?

All of the coaches are volunteers. Most have previous football coaching and/or playing experience. Many of the coaches have coached in the NCFL in the past. The coaches go through a screening and evaluation process by the Board of Directors in an effort to find the most qualified coaches. This is not an easy job. A well prepared coach may put in 12 – 15 hours per week of preparation and practice.  If you have prior coaching and/or playing experience, please let us know. We are always looking for individuals who are willing to share their time to develop the youth of our community. If you are interested in volunteering as a Coach please submit an application on our website.


How many Assistant Coaches can each team have?

Each team can have a maximum of three “official” assistant coaches on the sidelines during games.  


Can players from Junior High School Teams play?

YES...Players participating in Junior High programs are eligible for play in the NCFL as long as they meet the NCFL age requirements. 



What equipment will be needed for football?

• Helmet with Face Mask, properly sized and meeting NOCSAE standards

• Shoulder Pads

• Football Cleats (Molded Rubber)

• Football Girdle and knee pads 

• Practice Pants

• Practice Jersey

• Mouth Piece 

Any other equipment you may elect to purchase would be over and above the minimum required. The NCFL provides Helmet Decals, Game Pants, and Game Jersey. Teams must wear the League issued uniform only. Each player must wear the full uniform to each game. 


What football is used within each division of the NCFL?

The NCFL uses the following football in the following divisions:

• Freshman -  Wilson K-2 or Macgregor MXP

• Sophomore -  Wilson K-2 or Macgregor MXP

• Junior -          Wilson TDJ or Macgregor MXJ

• Senior - Wilson TDJ or Macgregor MXJ    


Season & Competition


How often and where will my child practice?

By rule, there can be a maximum of four (4) events (games and practices) per week. Your child’s coach will determine your practice site and schedule. Please understand this is a large time commitment...up to 8 hours per week, including games.

When are the games?

The NCFL's game schedules are dictated by the Lone Star Youth Football Alliance.  Due to the complexity of scheduling so many games within each league, and between different communities, the LSYFA sometimes does not have the complete scheduled ironed out until the second week of the season.  This is out of our control and we pledge to make the information available as soon as possible. 


How long is the NCFL Season?

Practices will generally begin four weeks before the first game.  The first NCFL official game is usually scheduled for the last Saturday in August, or the weekend before the Labor Day weekend. Each team will play eight NCFL games.  Upon the end of the “regular season games”, there is an end of the year Playoff Tournament that all teams are eligible regardless of record and are concluded with the Super Bowl Championship (some playoff games may be held mid-week). The NCFL season normally concludes the first weekend in November.  

After the NCFL season, there are optional Tournaments of Champions in which teams can participate. There are also some All-Star Tournaments in which NCFL players may participate. There is an additional fee to participate in All-Stars. Players are selected to the All-Star Team by the Head Coach of each All-Star Team with recommendations from other Head Coaches. The Head Coach has the final say on the make up of his team. There is no requirement to take a player from each team. There is a maximum of 22 players per team in All-Stars.


Will practices or games be cancelled due to bad weather?

Football practices and games are not usually cancelled due to rain, unless it is severe and will cause substantial damage to the NCFL fields, and/or put the children in danger.  All activities will be immediately suspended in the instance of lightening or hail.  If practices or games are cancelled, your first source of information should be your child’s coach.   If the NCFL decides to cancel or suspend league activities, the information will be posted on the website.


Will my child be guaranteed playing time in Regular Season? 

YES!  NCFL Player Participation Rules:

In keeping with the LSYFA motto: “Everybody Makes the Team, Everyone Plays” 

Every player is required to play a total of 7 plays per half as long as he has attended the workouts of the previous week.  Exceptions are made for disciplinary actions, player safety, or injuries.  The kickoff or kickoff receiving team does qualify as an offensive or defensive position.  A twelfth (12th) offensive man may be used to shuttle in plays; however, the shuttle players MUST play every other offensive down and may not be any of the down linemen (tackle to tackle).  


This rule only applies to NCFL in-house games.  Alliance rules apply otherwise and all star teams do not have any minimum player participation rules.


Who will Coach the All-Star Teams?

The NCFL Board reserves the right to approve all coaches representing the League in Post-Season play. To qualify to coach a Post Season Team, a coach must have no Disciplinary Action taken against him during the season.

If the Super Bowl winning Head Coach in each Division qualifies, he will be offered the position of Head Coach of the Post Season Tournament Team. If this person declines the position or does not qualify, it will be offered to the Super Bowl runner up Head Coach. He must qualify with the above criteria as well. Assistants will be chosen by the Head Coach and will be limited to (3) Assistants. All Assistant Coaches must qualify with the above criteria as well.


How are the teams selected for Post-Season Tournament Play?

The All-Star Team Head Coach selects the “Best of the Best” Tournament Team with input from other Coaches in the Division. The Head Coach is responsible for selecting his own Tournament Team Coaching Staff. The fee to participate ($30 per child) is collected at All Star registration, covers the new uniform that each player will be given. These tournaments will be played throughout November and December.


Where will the tournaments be held?

Normally there are three local tournaments within the LSYFA group. If teams choose and have approval from the League, teams may travel to enter tournaments outside of our Alliance group. When teams are traveling to out of town games they are responsible for their own transportation, meals and lodging expenses.